LogiMed 2017

October 18-October 19, 2017

Hyperion Hotel, Hamburg

44 (0) 207 368 9766

Jackie Pomroy

Head of Supply Chain
NHS South of England Procurement Services
A highly motivated, knowledgeable, proactive, professionally qualified supply chain professional with 28 years experience in the healthcare sector. She has a passion for leading change to drive efficiency delivering operational and supply chain excellence resulting in financial benefits and streamlined processes . Jackie works with GS1UK, MHRA and numerous Suppliers to drive change in the Healthcare Sector to deliver better patient care. She sits on a number of groups who are proactively encouraging suppliers to engage and implement GS1 standards. She believes full adoption of GS1 standards across the NHS will enable us to increase patient safety, whilst taking cost out of the supply chain for manufacturers/Suppliers and Providers.

11:20 AM CUSTOMER PANEL: How can your customers help you? Gain exclusive insight from hospitals - What service levels do they expect and how can this be achieved?

  • What really matters to the customer on a day-to-day basis in the product delivery experience?
  • What do the customers want to see from the manufactures?
  • What role can the hospitals play in enhancing collaboration?
  • How does planning and logistics in hospitals impact the medical device supply chains?
  • Impact of Brexit on hospitals and their supply chains

1:20 PM SYNERGY WORKSHOP: Critical guidance on how to implement the UDI (Unique Device Identification) from a SC perspective - How can you fully prepare for the imminent changes?

  • How to successfully implement GS1: What are the hurdles and how to overcome these
  • Comparison of the different agencies for bar codes: GS1, HIBCC and ICBBA
  • How to label the products and package correctly - Should you invest in new e-labelling software?
  • How has the UDI helped improve visibility and inventory management?
  • How to communicate effectively with your regulatory department
  • Implementation of either printer/label tech on the lines or software infrastructure
  • What can we learn from the pharmaceutical and retail industries?
  • What can we learn from the US medical device industry? Impact and implementation of the new Medical Device Directive

3:40 PM CUSTOMER CASE STUDY PRESENTATION: Customer insight on their internal logistics: What we need from manufacturers in order to achieve end-to-end visibility of products

  • How we track and trace products from receipt to the patient

  • How does the UDI help to improve logistics in hospitals?

  • The importance of manufacturers data – GTINs and the UDI

  • What do we need from the manufacturers in order to increase visibility?

  • How to make the process of product recalls more efficient e.g. with online portals

  • The use of a data pool and Peppol