LogiMed 2017

October 18-October 19, 2017

Hyperion Hotel, Hamburg

44 (0) 207 368 9766

Björn Neal Kirchner

VP Supply Chain Management
Björn Neal Kirchner has lead the Supply Chain Function of HARTMANN Group since January 2015. This includes global responsibility for demand, supply and inventory planning, logistics & warehousing activities, as well as customer order management and purchase-to-pay processes. Recently, his team has re-designed the demand planning process and is now rolling this out to the entire group. Ensuring that all local sales organisations are moving to more mature planning processes continues to be a challenge.

10:00 AM CASE STUDY REVOLUTION: Optimising supply chain capabilities: Why should you focus on your real asset - the team?

1:20 PM FIRESIDE CHAT: Demand Driven Manufacturing Resource Planning (DDMRP): How to effectively implement strategies and tools in order to improve your planning processes

A unique opportunity to listen to hear planning experts perspective on this innovative approach.

  • Definitions for MRPII Vs. DDMRP and underlying principles (Push Vs. Pull)
  • Are your MRPII planning processes fully implemented?
  • Are your S&OP processes and organizations mature?
  • From MRPII to DDMRP, real life examples/attempts in the medical device industry

09:40 AM ALL STAR PANEL: What are the 5 biggest disruptive and enabling technologies in supply chain digitalisation and how will these impact the way you operate by 2025?

  • What does a digital supply chain really mean?

  • Analysis of emerging disruptive technologies and predictions for future use

  • What are the strategic barriers and challenges that digitalisation presents and how can these be overcome?

  • Evaluating the benefits of adopting early digital practices and the implications on your supply chain costs

  • How to master the right mix of digital supply chain capabilities to enable you to innovate, compete and succeed in a fully digital business future