LogiMed 2017

18 - 19 October, 2017

Hyperion Hotel, Hamburg

+44 (0) 207 368 9766

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  • Medical Device Supply Chain Benchmarking Report 2016Medical Device Supply Chain Benchmarking Report 2016
    LogiMed 2016 will provide practical insight on optimising your
    supply chain and tackle some of the biggest challenges facing the
    industry today.

    As part of our event research we interviewed 100 senior medical
    supply chain executives with job titles like VP of Supply Chain, SVP
    of Supply Chain, Director of Inventory Management and Head of
    Logistics. The results of some of this research is presented here.


  • Speaker Interview SeriesSpeaker Interview Series

    We interviewed three industry leaders in Medical Device & Supply Chain to see their insights about the industry, what they will be speaking about and other sessions which will be presented at the 2 day conference.
  • Conference Report
  • Medical Device Supply Chain Benchmarking Report 2015Medical Device Supply Chain Benchmarking Report 2015
    In June/July we surveyed 50+ senior supply chain professionals across Europe.

    Our goal?

    To find how the industry has evolved in the past year, and what these changes may mean for your organisation.

    Insights revealed:

    Most used tactic to improve visibility over supply chain
    Biggest challenges when complying with regulation
    Top strategies for combatting margin shrinkage
  • 2016 Attendee List2016 Attendee List

    Thinking about attending LogiMed 2016? Want to know who else is confirmed to attend?

    Let me tell you, you’ll be impressed with who we have attending so far.

    This year’s event will be sure to cover your biggest medical device supply chain challenges so don’t miss out. Fill your details below to download the latest attendee list.

  • 3M benefits from M3 and hub & spoke with ShipitSmarter3M benefits from M3 and hub & spoke with ShipitSmarter
    By introducing the hub & spoke system with the ShipitSmarter SaaS
    solution, the 3M technology group has been able to double its truck load
    factor while halving CO2 emissions.
  • Mastering Supply Chain Management In An Evolving Life Sciences LandscapeMastering Supply Chain Management In An Evolving Life Sciences Landscape

    Our friends at Esker discuss how Supply chain leaders in the life sciences industry face a lot of unique challenges. On top of operating in a patient-centric business environment, they also have to deal with increased pricing pressures and added legislative scrutiny. As a result, many are looking to accelerate processing times, reduce errors and complexity,and enhance visibility — order processing automation being a proven solution to accomplish these critical supply chain objectives.